How to Prevent Mold & Mildew in the Bathroom

Nothing is quite as disturbing to see in the bathroom as mold. It is an instant turn-off that stops anyone in their tracks. Mold and mildew can also cause allergy and asthma sufferers added health concerns and children the elderly are susceptible to health problems related to this bacterial fungus. Every Orange County homeowner should take the necessary steps to prevent mold and mildew growth in their bathroom so these concerns are not a part of their life. It’s not as hard to keep mold and mildew away as you might think.

Use a Venting System

Orange County residents must have a ventilation system and fan in their bathroom to comply with local ordinances and codes, but don’t install a ventilation system for the sake of compliance alone. When the right ventilation system is installed, stem and moisture is efficiently removed from the bathroom, considerably reducing risk of mold growth.

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Reseal the Grout

Dirty grout can deplete the look of a bathroom very quickly. When it becomes unsealed, it serves as a breeding ground for bacteria like mold and mildew. Keep the grout clean to minimize the lost appeal and appearance of the bathroom and be sure the grout is resealed annually to keep mold out of the bathroom.

Shower Squeegee

Use a shower squeegee after taking a shower. Removing water from the walls with a squeegee is one of the most effective ways to keep moisture out of the shower area and keep the bathroom clean and mold-free.

Call a Plumber

If, despite your best efforts, mold begins growing in the bathtubs, sinks, or other crevices of the bathroom, call a plumber orange county professional at once. Oftentimes mold lurks beneath the surface in addition to those that can be seen with the eye. Fast response to the problem keeps aesthetic issues minimal as well as potential health risks.