Common Water Heater Repairs

Like any appliance in the home, the water heater is susceptible to damage and wear and tear that leaves it unable to work like it did at one time. Life without this appliance is not easy, so it’s important to hire a professional is to provide a fast water heater repair spring tx if you suspect a problem or if you notice that the appliance is malfunctioning. There are many common issues that Spring homeowners experience involving their hot water heater.  Luckily, most are easily repairable when an expert is on the job. However, if your water heater is older than eight years old or if it keeps breaking down, replacement might be the better option.

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Cold Water

A water heater has one job and that’s heating up the water. If the shower is cold when you step inside, the water heater may not be adequate working. Check out a few things before calling anyone for help. A little DIY water heater repair could save a nice chunk of change. Look at the thermocouple and gas control valve and replace if necessary. Be sure to check the pilot light as well.

Inadequate Hot Water

Is the shower hot and comfortable when you get in but within a few minutes it feels like you’ve stepped into a pool in Antarctica? Inadequate hot water is likely related to a faulty water heater and a repair is necessary to resolve the issue.

Discolored Water

Water should be clear so imagine the surprise of homeowners who turn on the faucet and discover their water is discolored or has a horrid smell! Pipe corrosion is usually the culprit of this problem but bacteria buildup could be the problem as well. It is best that a plumber come out to inspect the home to determine the problem.